Exploring the Queen City of the South

Maayong pag-abot! Two days ago, the Queen City of the South welcomed me and my friends with a beautiful sunny morning and the faint sound of waves in my hotel room. As I write this post, I am already waiting for my flight to Davao.

I arrived in Cebu in the evening and decided to call it a night after checking-in at BE Resorts Mactan. My first day in Cebu started with the freshest and delicious Mango shake during breakfast and of course, danggit! While having our breakfast, my friends and I strategized our two-day stay in the island; we decided to spend our first day at Cebu city and the second day at Mactan.

No wonder Cebu is tagged as the central business district of Visayas. It has the hustle and bustle city life but also the unceasing rich culture of Cebuanos. After breakfast, we attended morning mass at Basilica del Sto. Niño. I had a warm feeling in my heart as I observe families in the church. This made me miss my family back in the US, I miss my son, Ralph and daughter, Anica who both have families of their own but as they say, the yearning of a mother’s heart to her children is endless.

Just few steps away from the Basilica was Magellan’s Cross. I was like a child on a field trip as I finally came face to face with the historical landmark that I read on history books when I was little.

We walked around downtown Cebu and tried to fit in like a local but my friends and I would somehow find ourselves ohh-ing and aahh-ing when we pass by something that would give us a glimpse of the old Cebu.

Aside from mangoes, Cebu is quite synonymous to a famous dish, can you guess what? Well of course, LECHON! Cebu has a lot of lechon restaurants but my friends recommended eating at CnT which is said to be the most popular lechon Cebu. I have tasted a number of lechon in my lifetime but Cebu lechon is sinfully delicious!! We had to control ourselves; we don’t want to end at the hospital because of high-blood. Haha!

We spent the afternoon at Cebu Taoist Temple and watched the sunset at Tops where we had a front row of the spectacular view of Cebu and even a peek of Bohol Island. We also passed by the famous Tabo-an market for pasalubong shopping, the haven for danggit, dried squid, dilis and other dried seafood. They also have dried mangoes and otap.

We ended our first night with a bottle of wine on the beach and re-telling our childhood stories over and over again.

The next morning, we explored Mactan. We started with Magellan Shrine and had our lunch at Megaworld Mactan Newtown’s Al Fresco restaurant which offers a lot of Cebuano food. You can choose from different establishments and eat your heart out.

Our supposed-lunch meal lasted until merienda, we didn’t notice our time because of our non-stop kwentuhan and we love talking about our apo or grandchildren. I have two granddaughters and one grandson, J.T. and I devote most of our time spending time with them. I admit that I spoil them too much but that’s what grandparents do, right?

Ralph, Marissa (Ralph’s wife), Anica and Chris (Anica’s husband) will love Mactan Newtown, it has the city and beach vibes. I can see my grandchildren running around and enjoying the fresh air. It was a perfect timing because they just recently opened the beach to the public and it was glorious! Aside from the fact that the beach is clean and well-maintained, Mactan Newtown, as they call the township, is a city within the city. I am impressed to see the city vibes and culture merge into one. When I come back in Cebu with my family, I’ll make sure that we will stay in one of the hotels in Mactan Newtown.

It was the perfect way to end our Cebu trip, admiring the beauty of the Philippines.

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